Replacement Windows and Doors

Guidance notes

  1. The applicant is the person on whose behalf the work is being carried out, eg the building owner.

  2. One copy only of this notice should be completed and submitted.

  3. Persons carrying out building work must give written notice of commencement of the work at least 48 hours beforehand.

  4. Persons proposing to carry out building work are reminded that permission may also be required under the Town and Country Planning Acts.

  5. Further information and advice concerning the Building Regulations and planning matters may be obtained from the Planning Department of your local council (see over for details).

  6. A completion certificate may only be issued after all notices of the relevant stages of the work have been given. The relevant stages of work are: Commencement of work, Completion of works

  7. This application shall cease to have effect from three years after it is given to the local authority unless the work has been commenced before the expiry of that period.

  8. Payment made by cheque should be made payable to the local authority where the proposed work address is located (Malvern Hills District Council, Worcester City Council or Wychavon District Council).